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Stacy's Story

"I had never tried any sort of yoga before so I didn't really know what to expect. I was having a great pregnancy but had started to develop pelvic pain so was hoping yoga would help to relieve it and I was looking forward to learning breathing techniques to help me through my labour as I was quite anxious about it."

During the classes I always felt relaxed and comfortable. Laura just had a way of making me feel like I was capable of pregnancy and labour and that I was doing a great job of growing my baby.

The relaxation and affirmations often made me feel emotional as it gave me 10-15 minutes of just being me and my baby. She would often kick a lot during this part, which I just loved! I also found that I slept really well the night of the class, which was a massive bonus. By the end of the course I was actually looking forward to giving birth to my baby instead of feeling anxious about it.

The breathing techniques are what got me through my labour, it sounds really corny but I actually don’t think I could have got through my labour without these techniques. I was able to find my own zone and just breathe my way through my contractions. I taught them all to my husband too who was then able to keep me focused. I actually loved my birthing experience as I felt in control and I genuinely believe that was due to the classes.

I would recommend Laura’s classes to any pregnant woman as not only is she great at teaching yoga she is also a lovely person who only wants the best for people and I felt like she genuinely cared about us all.

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