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Nathalie's Story

"I was really anxious about joining the class but wanted to get out there and meet other like-minded mums and do some gentle exercise."

Being a first time mum I needed as much advice and helpful hints as possible! I’m so glad I attended as we are now all friends and have met up a couple of times for a catch up and to swap stories and advise each other; I wouldn’t have met these ladies without you, Laura!

During the classes I felt strong and confident in my body and also emotionally. I really enjoyed the relaxation at the end of each class as it was a time to reflect and bond with Finn in a calm and quiet environment, escaping the day to day grind.

The classes helped with my anxiety, not only by meeting new people but the breathing really helped, not just in labour but also for the sleepless third trimester nights too.

I would recommend Laura’s classes as they are easy paced, relaxing but you also feel like you’ve had a workout at the end of each session… the biscuits always went down well too 😉 Laura’s techniques and advice were really appreciated, not just yoga advice but advice passed on from Mum to Mum… it definitely helped ease me into becoming a mummy!

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