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Marie's Story

"This was my second pregnancy; my first labour was long and traumatic and I was very emotional for around 3-4 months after the birth so I was keen to reduce the chances of a similar experience again. I believed that it was possible to have an easier birth so decided I wanted to take up the classes to help me."

I loved the classes and looked forward to them every week. My husband would always comment at how refreshed, positive, excited and happy I would seem after each class. Learning about how my ‘tail bone’ needed to move correctly really helped me understand what was going on; I practiced the positions and breathing techniques regularly through the months leading up to the birth.

I would 100% recommend Laura. I am so happy to say I had a positive birth experience this time round; I was able to stay at home until I was around 9cm and delivered my beautiful little girl Sofia within 40 minutes of arriving into the hospital.
The whole time I practiced long golden thread breaths and focussed my mind on positive calming thoughts.

It’s now 5 weeks since her arrival and I feel great (a little sleepy) but my emotions are unrecognisable compared to the first time. I very much believe that due to the support of Laura I was able to have the birth I hoped for! 🙂

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