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Hypnobirthing Taster Session

In this free taster event, I will reveal my 4 step system, which is designed to transform your whole experience.
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Do you want to feel calm and relaxed when you give birth, but you’re confused about where to start?

What if you could go into labour feeling prepared and excited rather than secretly anxious?

Are you someone who likes to be informed and know what to expect?

Imagine your partner having the knowledge and skills to confidently support you as opposed to them feeling stressed or a bit of a spare part. How could that change both of your experiences?

Unfortunately, many people still think that birth is something you can’t plan for but you absolutely can. In this free taster event, I will reveal my 4 step system, which is designed to transform your whole experience.

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Xaverian Spirituality Centre

What you'll get

We will cover:

  • How and why Hypnobirthing works.
  • Sample relaxation techniques (to take home).
  • Why knowing your choices changes everything.
  • A practice birth scenario: would you know what to do?

Maybe you’re a first-time mum wanting to create a positive experience or a second-time mum wishing to do things a bit differently this time round.

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Tackle the overwhelm

I totally get what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by information and other people’s opinions and I’ve helped hundreds of women to have the essential facts and tools to feel calm and confident, make decisions that are right for them and to avoid feelings of regret and disappointment.

The taster event is completely FREE and will give you the chance to see if it’s right for you… so you really have nothing to lose!

Free Taster Event

Hypnobirthing Success Stories

“I learnt so much in just the taster session and it’s completely changed the way I think about giving birth. I realised that there’s so many things we can do to prepare for our little one and my partner feels a lot more educated and clued up too. We were made to feel so welcome and very much enjoyed the cake! Thanks, Laura!”

Leanne, first-time mum

“I lost control when my son was born and was feeling nervous about going into panic mode again. This time, I used the breaths and visualisations taught by Laura and these helped me to remain focused and have a far more positive experience. Laura’s a really inspirational teacher, full of positivity and she genuinely cares.”

Jemma, second-time mum.

The Session

Monday 15th October
7.00pm - 8.15pm plus time after for refreshments
Xaverian Spirituality Centre,
169 Sharoe Green Lane,
The venue is a converted barn and has plenty of secure and free parking in the grounds. You will need to sign into the centre, but I’ll be there to welcome you.

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If your birth partner can’t make the event, please don’t worry, you’re still welcome to attend.

Please fill out this form to book your place now. Spaces are limited.

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