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Learn about our founder... Laura's story.

At the start of my career

I originally trained in Dance and worked as a teacher for the first part of my career. After a few years, I felt the need to switch things up a bit. I was desperate to travel and jump off the treadmill. After a long debate, my partner and I planned our one-way ticket to Vietnam (without job prospects and very little money!) It was a big decision but we knew it was now or never. Living away and practicing yoga had a huge impact on my personal wellbeing and this shift in mindset largely inspired me to train as a Yoga teacher.

Along came Toby

In the summer of 2016, I gave birth to my little boy, Toby. I felt prepared for birth; I practiced yoga, read every book under the sun, attended workshops and spent hours watching births on Youtube. I was amazed at how some births seemed so calm, focused and almost serene… I wanted that!

Laura holding baby Toby at a family gatherting

42 Weeks

When I hit the 42-week mark, I stayed calm, despite feeling a fair bit of pressure to be induced. Crazy story, but we actually moved house the SAME DAY my waters broke. (Unplanned and never again!) Anyway, spontaneous labour happened and I concentrated on allowing my body to do its job. Was the birth 100% perfect? Nope! In fact, I am now incredibly passionate about women not feeling like it HAS to be ‘textbook'. But, thanks to yoga and hypnobirthing, the majority of the labour was entirely ‘in the zone’, stress-free and positive. Yes, plans diverted and preferences altered, but being informed beforehand definitely helped me to adjust and adapt.

Getting information about your options and choices is something I really believe in now because birth is not ‘one size fits all’. Every birth is unique and every woman has her own story to tell...

Pregnancy Yoga and Hypnobirthing

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